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In math our first unit is understanding equal groups.  This unit focuses on students’ understanding of multiplication as combining equal groups. Students will be writing, representing, and solving multiplication problems in context. They will be identifying the number of groups and the number in each group (the factors), and the total number (the product). Students will also understand the relationship among skip counting, repeated addition and multiplication.  Lastly, we will build on the inverse relationship between multiplication and division.  


Reading comprehension refers to the ability to acquire meaning from written text. When students enter third grade, they are no longer learning to read; they are now reading to learn. Our reading curriculum relies heavily on comprehension strategies instruction. That is, students are taught a variety of strategies to apply before reading, during reading, and after reading in order to make the most meaning from a text. In reading our first strategy we will be working on is, activating our schema with building our knowledge through different types of connections and making sure that we are choosing books that are at their level.

For Writer’s Workshop we will be focusing on Personal Narratives. Students will learn to take everyday events of their lives and stretch them out into a well-structured story. Students are learning that in order to do their very best to communicate these stories they need to create a plan, then apply that to their writing. 

For our social studies unit we started our learning with comparing communities from the past to the present. We have discussed museums, and the importance of preserving and learning about history through objects and others research. We are excited to see how students implement this with their artifact they chose to reflect the importance of the past and its role. Students now have an understanding of what makes a community.  We will be exploring local history that will allow students to grasp how communities change overtime. It will be fun for the students to get a hands on experience with the Plains Conservation Center.  They will learn about a modified homestead, one room school house, and daily chores that happened in the “good old days”.  Thank you for your support in helping your child choose an artifact to research for our class museum.

September 4: Labor Day-No School
September 6-8: CogAT Testing
September 15: Western Night
September 19: Field Trip to the Plains Conservation Center (9:30-2:00 Students need to bring a sack lunch and be prepared to be outside for most of the day).
September 27: Parent Teacher Conferences
September 29: Digger Dash
October 5: Parent Teacher Conferences