Wednesday, June 29, 2016


 Book Talk Guidelines  3 rd Grade

You must have a copy of the book you will be talking aboutNo Graphic novels, can’t use books I did as samples, No teacher read aloud, or book group books.Please stand during your presentation, address the whole class, and speak clearlyPresent the title, author, and genre of the bookExplain why you chose this book for your Book TalkProvide a summary of the storylineShare one short passages from the book (hence the need for a copy of the book) What did you enjoy or dislike about this bookWho would you recommend it to?Offer a rating from 1 “not so hot” to 10 “Awesome!” Ask the students if they have any questions. Students will be presenting their Book Talks beginning the week of March 27  - so be prepared. Don’t forget to bring your book and summary on your library day.

Spring Conferences are Here.  Below is the information to sign up.

Spring conferences will be held on March 8 and March 15.  We believe that conferences are an opportunity to celebrate your child's progress and continue to collaborate on his/her goals.  Our electronic sign up is open.  Please click here for the link to Canyon Creek Online Scheduler.  The password is digger. 

Math homework can often be a frustrating experience for children and parents.  Parents were often taught traditional algorithms and do not know the strategies students are learning today.  While these strategies promote a deeper conceptual understanding of key math concepts, it is difficult for parents to see the benefits when they are unaware of them themselves.

We have a great resource that will help!  The Math Words and Ideas site from the Investigations Math Series has links to math videos that explain how all concepts are taught at each grade level.

 Click here to access this site.

Simply click on your child's grade level at the left-hand side of the screen.  When you click on a math concept additional subtopics appear.  Each subtopic includes a short video explaining strategies taught at school.  In the example below, third grade was selected on left and arrays was chosen under the concept of multiplication.

Watching these short videos are a great way to review how and why concepts were taught a certain way.  You may even consider watching with your child.  The presentation below provides a few additional tips to promote a love of math at home.

Click here for the presentation.

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